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Tips to get you writing when you don't have time

Heather Flaherty

Aug 12, 2022

Finding time to write more.

Want to write more but find you just don't have the time? Or are you thinking about writing but telling yourself you just don't have the time? Fortunately there are a few tricks and tips you can try to engage your brain and your fingers to start writing more.

  1. Find a writing buddy! Find someone that also wants to write and talk weekly about what you did with your writing to hold each other accountable. This works because you can ask your buddy for advice if you get stuck on something and you can send each other messages of encouragement during the week and reminders to keep on writing!

  2. Don't watch something, write something instead! We all have that space in our timeline where we feelt like we need to sit and watch some sort of consumable video or show to unwind. Perhaps instead of sitting like a lump on the couch you could grab your laptop or notebook and jot down a few lines or ideas before turning on the t.v. You might be surprised at what you're able to accomplish in a small amount of time!

  3. Plan in your head. This sounds like NOT writing, but it really is prepping yourself to write. By formulating pieces of your story in your mind, you are setting up the structure to write your characters, plots, worlds, and any other characteristics you come up with while you're just waiting for the dentist to be done checking your teeth. This is a great way to supplement when you can't think of things after writing a story and getting to a block. Once you get to a spot like your car, jot down a few things to help jog your memory when you sit down later to actually write that great idea you just imagined while getting a thumbs up from Dr. Smiles.

  4. Change your scenery. Sometimes all you need is a different location to sit down and start writing. Perhaps you usually sit in your room at the desk with the curtains closed and the light eminating from that one lamp in the corner casting a harsh glare on the wall beside you to write. That sounds more like a starting scene for an angry character who lives in a locked room. Perhaps exposing your senses to nature or a different room in the house with a comfy seat will allow you to work more vigorously at your writing.

I could go on and one about what other ways you can write, and I probably will in another short article later on. Try these tips first and see if any of them help you write more everyday, or at least a little more each week. Perhaps the goal is to create a goal to begin with and then making your goals bigger from there. I say start small and work your way up so you can be proud of yourself for reaching those goals as you move along in your writing!

Until next time!

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