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     Heather Flaherty is a science fiction fantasy writer who uses her wild imagination and love of reading as fuel for her pen. She loves to create magical worlds that readers can escape to and journey along with complex characters as they uncover secrets and fight the good fight. Heather feels that tapping into our creativity and imagination is the key to expressing our authentic voices and wants to use this strategy to encourage literacy and writing in the community. She hopes to work with the next generation of writers to tell their stories and share them with everyone. Heather is also working on her MFA in creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. When she isn’t studying, you can find her furiously typing up the pages of her first novel-in-progress, Between the Realms, a new adult sci-fi fantasy series.

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My Story

     I grew up in Wichita, Kansas where the wind turns wheat fields into oceans of golden waves. The beautiful scenery and life experiences have fueled my writing for years. I met my husband in Wichita and we married in 2011. I then joined him as he traveled with the Air Force from Kansas to Glendale Arizona, Eglin Florida, and finally to Baltimore Maryland where he is now retired. After we moved to Arizona I decided to pursue my Master's degree in creative writing/literature with a certificate in teaching. With this degree, I hope to continue writing stories and reach out to the community to encourage others to put pen to paper and share their stories. I feel everyone has a story, they just need the right words to tell it. After completing my degree I plan on educating others and volunteering to encourage literacy and creative writing. The landscape has changed over the years but my imagination has stayed the same. I have dabbled in many creative endeavors with writing being what I always fall back on. I hope to leave a legacy of knowledge and words behind for future generations. 

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